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How To Fluff Your New Tutu

I send many of my larger tutus and buustle tutus unfluffed.  This allows your tutu to arrive in the best shape possible so you don't have to spend time getting wrinkles out.  Larger tutus, especially bustle tutus, will become crushed during shipping if sent fluffed and require steaming and refluffing.  Fluffing is where the magic begins and is my absolute favorite part of make a tutu.  Have fun showing your little girl how to fluff her new tutu.

This is how your tutu will look when it is unpacked. 

To begin fluffing, take a section of tulle and hold it in one hand.
A section will be about 8 layers of tulle that
is 6 inches wide.  In this tutu each section is a different color.  
For toddlers and older girls it is easiest to put the tutu on when fluffing.  For infants that cannot stand or walk yet, lay the tutu out on a flat surface with the tulle fanned out in a circle.

Take the top layer of tulle in this first section
and lift it up all the way to the stitching at the waistband.

Continue this with each layer of tulle until that section is complete.

Now you can begin on the next section, peeling each layer up to the stitching.

And the next section until all the sections are complete.

This picture shows the tutu half completed.
You can see the difference between the two sides.

And this is the same tutu finished.

For bustle tutus, use the same method.  Most bustles that I make have shorter layers that you will fluff to stand up above the waistband while the longer layers will hang down.

Please take care with tutus that are embellished.

If you are interested in The Stars and Stripes bustle tutu you can find it in my Etsy shop